Amazing Scrap Sewing Project Ideas

You may want to think twice about throwing out your fabric scraps. Most sewers can get really creative in reusing and recycling their fabric scraps. Always collect your fabric scraps for future use. They may prove beneficial for your other creative projects. Fabric scraps are potentially valuable pieces of material that can aid you in […]

Best Janome Sewing Machine Reviews 2017

Janome has a reputation for manufacturing sewing machines of the highest quality. The company’s engineers are experts at producing units that don’t jam and are easy to use. Janome machines are typically strong, durable and create beautiful stitches – and the company backs their products with a limited 25-year warranty. The excellent quality of Janome products has […]

Best Brother Sewing Machines Reviews 2017

Brother is one of the most popular manufacturers of beginner and mid-level sewing machines. The company has a reputation for producing lightweight models that are perfect for everyday use. While most Brother machines perform best with thinner materials, the company also manufactures heavy duty options such as the Designio series. Brother models are always simple to […]

Best Handheld Sewing Machine Reviews 2017

Handheld sewing machines are great for mending clothes or tackling basic projects. They are small, relatively inexpensive and easy to fit in your suitcase or bag. While they can’t deal with thick materials or major projects, they are considerably more convenient than full machines for small repair jobs – especially as they are usually battery-powered. It’s […]

What’s The Best Mini Sewing Machine Reviews In 2017?

Mini sewing machines are ideal for learning how to sew. They are light, relatively cheap and simple to use. A mini machine’s portability also makes it perfect for carrying to classes. Aside from beginners, mini models can also be useful as a backup for experienced sewers. The simplicity and low price of these is a double-edged sword. […]

How to Start A Home Based Embroidery Business

Embroidered accessories and custom apparel is a great business that’s incredibly easy to start and operate. All you’ll need is some basic business skills and an embroidery machine. While it can seem a little tricky when picking equipment and finding the right audience to target, it’s easy to start your small business in your spare […]