What’s The Best Entry-Level Embroidery Machine In 2016?

image of Brother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Our Top Pick – Brother PE540D 4×4

Owning a great embroidery machine doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get it. The best beginner embroidery machines are extremely easy to use – just select your design and setup the fabric – and can be bought for less.

The three main considerations when choosing an entry-level embroidery machine are price, ease of use and potential for it to grow with your skills. The top rated entry-level machines are relatively simple to use, yet provide enough features that you won’t reach the machine’s limitations for a long time.

Finding one that matches all of these requirements isn’t always easy though. While there are a number of embroidery machines on the market, it’s hard to find an inexpensive model that creates strong stitches and attractive designs. Many cheap embroidery machines also provide limited features that aren’t suitable for more complex projects.

The size of the embroidery hoop is another consideration when buying a beginner’s sewing machine. We don’t recommend buying one with an embroidery area smaller than 4″x4″. While a smaller area may be suitable for your first projects, it will become restrictive very quickly.

We’ve researched the top three rated beginner’s embroidery machines and listed them below. Each of these has received positive ratings from buyers. They are also easy to use and provide a surprising amount of features and settings. If you’re having a hard time choosing an one, all three of these models can create beautiful designs.

Our Top 3 – Beginner Embroidery Machine Reviews

Brother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE540D 4×4

1. Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE540D is designed to be easy to use. This simpliticity doesn’t mean it can’t handle more complex projects though. The PE540D has a range of features including 70 built-in designs, five fonts and computer connectivity for downloading new designs. As a bonus, the Brother PE540D also comes with 35 Disney-themed designs, such as Mickey Mouse.

The Brother PE540D has received excellent reviews from buyers. A reviewer says that the PE540D is an excellent choice for beginners. This is because there is very little setup required. Other comments include that it is great for decorating clothing and that it makes creating beautiful designs easy.

Unlike more expensive embroidery models, the PE540D doesn’t come with a large amount of internal memory. This means the model can’t store many designs from the internet at the same time. While we would have liked to have seen more internal memory included, this isn’t a major issue as you can always re-download designs when you need them.

image of Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

2. Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

The PE525 is another highly rated entry-level embroidery machine manufactured by Brother. It’s slightly less expensive than the PE540D, partly because it doesn’t come with Disney designs, but it still has a range of useful features. These include 70 built-in designs, computer connectivity and a 25-year limited warranty.

Like the PD540D, the PE525 is easy to use even if you’re a beginner. It has a number of convenient features, such as an automatic needle threader and thread trimmer. The PE525 also uses a drop-in bobbin that’s fast to setup.

Reviewers have been impressed with the quality of the PE525’s designs considering the low price. A reviewer says that the PE525 is the perfect option for beginners looking for an embroidery-only model. Other comments include that the PE525 comes with a range of beautiful designs and that it provides excellent value for money.

The PE525 is an embroidery-only model. This means that it’s not capable of performing regular sewing tasks. If you need a sewing machine you should look for a combination model. If you already own a sewing machine and want to decorate your projects, the PE525 is a great option.

image of Singer S10 Studio 5.5 by 5.5-Inch and 2 by 2-Inch Embroidery Machine with 55 Built-In Designs

Singer S10 Studio 5.5 by 5.5-Inch and 2 by 2-Inch Embroidery Machine with 55 Built-In Designs

3. Singer S10 Studio Embroidery Machine

If you need an embroidery machine with a bigger sewing area then the Singer S10 is one of the highest rated options. It comes with a 5.5”x5.5” embroidery hoop for creating larger designs. The S10 also has a 2”x2” hoop for smaller patterns. Other features include 55 built-in designs, three fonts and USB connectivity.

A reviewer says that the Singer S10 is great for beginners. She adds that the S10 is simple to thread, and that she quickly used it to create gorgeous designs even though it was her first. Other reviewers say that their designs have come out perfectly every time.

The S10 doesn’t come with as many built-in designs as the two Brother options on this list, although it can download more from the internet. It also has fewer fonts, so it may not be the best choice for monogramming (or for a beginner). If you’re looking for one that can create larger and more complex designs, however, then the S10 is a great option for beginners.


Embroidery machines for beginners have improved dramatically over the last decade or two. You can now buy computerized models with access to thousands of online designs. Many of these are easy to use – even if you’ve never used an embroidery machine before.

The price is one of the most important considerations. While you don’t want to spend thousands on your first machine, you also don’t want a model that’s difficult and frustrating to use. Other considerations include the size of the sewing area and number of built-in patterns.

If you aren’t sure which beginner’s embroidery option to buy, we recommend the Brother PE540D. The PE540D has a range of useful features including a large number of built-in stitches. It’s also easy to use, making it the perfect choice for beginners, and the Disney designs are a bonus if you have kids (or if you just love Disney). We also like how fast the PE540D is to setup – you can be creating your first design soon after opening the box.

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