Best Vintage Sewing Machine 2017

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Our Top Pick – SINGER 160 Anniversary Limited Edition

While the benefits of modern sewing machines are obvious, there is something magical about vintage machines. The traditional, classy designs of vintage models simply can’t be matched by the plastic used to build newer models.

The good news is that you can buy them with both modern features and a vintage design. Companies such as Singer have realized that many people enjoy vintage-style machines, and have created special editions to cater to this market.

Even so, it’s important to choose a machine that matches all of your requirements – not just because it has a vintage design. Make sure you think carefully about the type of materials you want to sew, whether you need a computerized version and how much you want to spend. Also, be prepared to pay a premium for vintage-style models.

You should avoid novelty vintage models, as they often produce low-quality stitches. These models are also built with weak materials and are likely to break if used on tougher projects. Fortunately, there are vintage-style electronic models available which have an attractive design and still provide excellent performance.

It can be difficult to choose a vintage-style sewing machine. To make things easier, we’ve listed the top two rated models below. Both of these are made by Singer – a reliable and high-quality brand – and have an attractive exterior.

Top Two Rated Vintage Sewing Machines

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SINGER 160 Anniversary Limited Edition

1. Singer 160 Anniversary Limited Edition

The Singer 160 Anniversary Limited Edition is one of the most strikingly attractive options on the market at the moment. It has a stylish black and gold color scheme, with vintage patterns decorating the exterior. The Singer 160 also comes with a variety of features, including “One Touch” stitch selection, an automatic threader and a large sewing area.

A reviewer says that the Singer 160 Anniversary Limited Edition creates perfect stitches. She also adds that the model is great for quilting. Another reviewer mentions that it has an extensive range of features, especially considering the relatively low price, and that it’s a beautiful model.

A feature that’s unfortunately missing from the 160 is an up/down needle setting. While this can be a useful feature, it’s not essential and doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the 160. If you’re looking for a vintage-style model with modern features, then the 160 is probably the best option.

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Singer Special Edition

2. Singer Special Edition Computerized

While the metallic appearance of the Singer Special Edition isn’t what you’d expect from a vintage machine, the model is built with a beautiful traditionally-styled hand wheel. The black accents also make it an attractive model that will look great in any home.

Aside from it’s appearance, the Singer Special Edition is also an excellent product. It’s a computerized model with an LCD screen for quickly changing settings. There are over 200 built-in stitches, making the model suitable for almost any type of project. Other features include a large sewing area for quilting, automatic threading system and the option to sew without using a foot pedal.

Reviewers of the Singer Special Edition have enjoyed both the appearance and performance of the model. A reviewer says that it is easy to thread and simple to use. She also mentions that the presser feet are convenient to change, as they clip on and off. Other reviewers say that the Singer Special Edition creates beautiful stitches.

A downside of the Singer Special Edition is that it’s a relatively noisy unit. It’s probably not suitable for working with it early in the morning or late at night. This won’t be an issue if you plan to do most of your sewing during the day, but it’s something to keep in mind.


It’s possible to find models that combine the aesthetic beauty of vintage machines with the functionality of modern alternatives. While there are fewer vintage-style models on the market than we would like – there is certainly a demand for machines with a traditional appearance – the two options listed in this article are both excellent choices.

Even though vintage models are often more attractive than modern alternatives, you should never choose based on appearance alone. Instead, the design is one of many factors to consider. Other considerations include the strength of the motor, number of built-in functions, and whether it comes with convenience features such as an automatic threader.

The Singer 160 Anniversary Limited Edition is our top rated vintage sewing machine. It’s an attractive model that provides a range of useful features. The 160 also has a large sewing area for tackling big projects. Unfortunately, the limited nature of this product means that it may be difficult to find, although the Singer 160 is often available from sellers.

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