5 Essential Sewing Tools for Your Kid

As a seamstress parent, it’s important for us to teach our kids the wonders of sewing (read more about how to choose a kid sewing machine). It is after all either our hobby or leisure pursuit. It’s not just a fun activity where you can relax, but it is also a valuable skill that you can make money from! There are so many craft sewing ideas out there, and back in the day, both boys and girls can sew. Now some kids don’t even know how to sew a simple button. And I despised that fact, so what I did is that I taught my kids the importance and wonders of sewing.

Of course, like any other activity, there seem to fail a couple of times, and that’s okay! Because it means, they are learning. But while we teach them the ways of sewing, it’s also important that we give them the right essentials and tools for sewing. Below, I’m going to give you the five essential sewing tools for your kids.

Sewing machine – need I say more how important this is? Of course, unless you’re the traditional mom who wants to do it through hands. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s admit it, it’s easier and faster working with a machine. Anyhow, this is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make for your kid that is essential to sewing.

Questions like “what would be the best and safest sewing machine for my kid” tends to rise repeatedly. For me, you’re going to want to choose the machine that tends to last for several years. When buying a sewing machine, make sure you test it out yourself to see if it’s something suitable for your kid. Also, make sure to read comments and reviews about the specific machine before buying out.

Fabrics – choosing the RIGHT fabric for your kid is extremely important. Chances are if you give them fabrics that aren’t right to their skills, accidents could happen. Personally, I would avoid giving them fabrics like satin, chiffon, charmeuse or even jersey. Why? Because these fabrics tend to be slippery and are too difficult to handle.I would recommend getting the sturdy cotton that has the variety of designs and colours, where they could choose from.

Threads – is just as important as the two above. What I would recommend is get a set of good quality cotton threads that is cheap, strong and available in several colours. It’s important to give your kids the ability to choose from several colours, mainly to get them interested in this activity.

Small scissors – well to cut the fabric and threads of course. It’s important to give your kiddo the right scissors, which just any ordinary scissors, for their sewing. Not only it is easier for them, but it’s also safer and less harmful than the big one. Although, whenever they use the scissors, make sure you or an adult is around. Kids tend to get crazy and clumsy most of the time, but you already know that.

Accessories – not necessarily a necessity, but your kid would want to work on something that he/she can put a lot of designs on. Hence, the accessories. Kids like to decorate and get as creative as they like whenever they create artistic things, so for me, it’s important to provide them accessories, so they can creatively design their crafts.