Additional Considerations For Your Child’s Sewing Machine

So, you’re off to buy a sewing machine for your child’s next adventure. It’s normal to feel all three emotions; personally, I felt the same feeling when I bought my kids their sewing machine. Just like you, I want to make sure that I get my child the best sewing machine out there that is safe and perfect for her/his age and skills.

There are several brands out there that have been proven to be effective and child-friendly. But I’m not going to get into details anymore of which brand you should choose. Mainly because I know you have a few conditions of your own that you want to check before buying one. Personally, my check list would be the: brand, price, features and location. And below I’m going to give you a list of what to consider before buying your kid their sewing machine.

Brand – for sure, there are so many brands out there that cater to all your checklist and I don’t want to waste your time listing each and every one of them. Instead, I’ll provide you things to consider in a brand. When looking at a brand, it’s good to consider how the machine was made and where it was constructed. Yes, it’s great if the product isn’t made from China.

Several machines tend to use more plastic materials than metals, which has downsides and upsides in some ways. Plastic are much lighter than metal materials, but metal made machines manage to last longer than plastics.

Value – we all have certain budgets for everything, the sewing machine is one of them. Knowing what fits your budget is the second part of this list. The hard truth is, sewing machines aren’t cheap. That’s the price you have to pay to get “quality” sewing machines for your child. While it’s tempting to go for the cheap ones they sell at stores for less than $100, don’t do it. You’re going to spend more buying a cheap one. If you are in a tight budget, go for mid-range machines that can give you the best quality they have.

Features – gone are the sewing machines that only do one thing. Nowadays, sewing machines tend to get loaded of several features. If you’re all about the specifics, some features hundreds of different kind of stitches to choose from, some stitch length can be adjusted while other has 1 step buttonhole. It depends on what you think is necessary for your kid’s skills. If your kid is a beginner, it’s best to give him/her a machine that has basic features, but if your child is a skilled seamstress or tailor, it’s best to give them something that has several features.

Site – the place and location of the sewing machine is important. In my opinion, it’s best to see one for yourself, in a local shop that is near you. Why? It’s best to see the actual product in front of your eyes, and it’s going to be easier to contact the store if you encountered some problems with your sewing machine.

If there are no any sewing machine shops near you or the brand you’re looking for isn’t in your town. I guess it’s also okay to order one from online. Most online sellers can be tricky to trust in the beginning, but some shops online have established names out there that can be trusted. Friendly tip: look for reviews about the particular seller, it will be helpful to get insights from other buyers.