2 Major Reasons Why Sewing Boosts Your Child’s Creativeness

image of benefits of kids sewingAs parents, we want our children to be as smart and intelligent as they can. We have so many aspirations and dreams for our kids, to give them better future in life. Ever since they were born, we pledged to give them the best life we think they deserve. It is why to spend hours and days to work, five times a week just to get them to great schools. But we also know that helping them to develop their intellect and creativeness isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the emergence of so many technologies these days, kids tend to focus more on the computer and phone games. According to research, it isn’t good for their development.

This is why I push my kids to do their activities in real life, not on computers. Not that technology has never been useful, of course, it is. But, in some ways, they aren’t as helpful to kids like they should. And this is why instead of modern methods, I love teaching my kids hobbies like sewing, which could help boost their intellect. If you’re interested in getting your child into sewing, then check out our kid’s sewing machine guide.

How did I know this? Because it was how I was raised. And now I’m passing them this great gift that they could potentially use for their futures.

Sewing is an ability that can be passed down but isn’t usually taught at school. If you’re a seamstress like me, I’m sure you’d like for your children to learn this skill because you know first-hand how it’s valuable and useful. I know this is also a great way to help them develop their creative side. In fact, according to an HSA research, sewing does help children become creative. Beneath, I’ll show you reasons why.

THEY CREATE – it demands creation from scratch. Literally from fabrics and threads, they create crafts and handiworks. By creating, they develop their skills of creativeness. And by finishing one simple project, they tend to develop a sense of accomplishment. And this motivates them to create more.

By creating they also practice their sense of brainstorming. By brainstorming, they develop concepts and ideas they want for their creation. Simple tasks such as choosing which colour fits their work best are enough to do that.

Chances are, this will develop into a useful skill where they could profit someday. The works of the future generation demand a lot of creative work, by pushing them to create; they develop skills that could soon be rewarding for the future.

THEY DESIGN – simply choosing which colour fit their works, or which accessories looks best on their projects boosts their creativeness. Fabrics, threads and accessories contain several designs and colours to choose from.

By designing their works, they develop not just the skill of creativeness but also patience, perseverance and problem-solving skills. And by designing, they also tend to think outside the box, which is extremely profitable for their future. The ability to think outside the box helps them approach life in a different/unique sense.