Teaching Your Kids To Sew

Portrait of a girlThese days, kids have so much to do in their spare time it may seem odd to add another activity into the mix, especially one associated with older people. The truth of the matter is, sewing is actually a great activity for your children, and it can help them later in life in a number of ways. It can help with confidence, dexterity, creativity and so much more. All it takes is you sitting down with them and helping get your children involved in this fun activity.
When you teach a child sewing, you are teaching them discipline, patience, mechanic skills and independence.

The key to teaching your child sewing is to make it fun. If sewing is not fun, they are not going to want to do it. When something is fun, the child won’t even care that they are learning at the same time, they will be just enjoying what it is they are doing.

As a result, you should not be teaching your child the rules of sewing, but the concept of it. You don’t want to have your child memorizing the to-dos of sewing, instead just promoting their own desire to sew by making it something creative for them to do. All you need to teach them is the sewing basics of putting two layers of fabric together, the types of stitches that they can use, the layers they sew and the style that they can sew. Those are the only things you should be pushing because it will keep your child from becoming bogged down in techniques and such.

It is also important that you work with your child. You shouldn’t just let them sew, work with them on a project because your child is going to enjoy sewing with you a lot more than if they are just sewing by themselves. Sewing is meant to be a social activity anyways.

Make things simple with simple fabrics, shapes and supplies. The fabrics should be felt, flannel or knit fabrics since they are easy to sew, and you should use standard thread. You can have some stuffing, and you should let your child choose the types of shapes they would like to sew into the fabric. This will help build their creativity and make sewing more of a fun activity for them.

Violent wind 300ppiJust because your child is new to sewing, that doesn’t mean you should underestimate their abilities. Don’t think they aren’t ready for sewing because they are too young. As long as you know they can use a sewing machine safely, then you should have no problem sewing. Try and teach your child more than you think they can do and you will be very surprised by how well they are doing with the sewing. All you have to do is give your child the confidence they need to handle sewing.

You need to be patient with your child. They may not pick up everything right away, or they may pick it up faster than you thought they would. Either way, you need to be patient with them as they learn. If you are not patient, your child will come to not like sewing and that is not what you want. You want them to have fun with it, and you need to have fun with them.

The best thing to do with your child is to show them how much fun sewing can be. Sewing will provide them with skills that they will use for a great amount of their life, and the sooner you begin with it, the more your child can benefit from it.

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