The Benefits Of Sewing As An Adult

old photo of grandmaSewing is something you may think of as an elderly person doing, not someone in the prime of their life, but there are actually many benefits to it as an adult. It can help with you with your health, with your memory and much more. The great thing is that it is quite easy and you can learn it quickly, you just need to take the time to learn about sewing and how to do it.


One of the great things about the craft is that you will be able to learn to focus yourself on a task, often for hours at a time. The focus you need to have for it will then begin to improve your concentration. As with anything, if you train it, it will get better, and concentration is no different. By improving your concentration, you will be able to start applying that to other aspects of your life. With better concentration and focus, you will do better at work or school, and you will learn easier and read more efficiently because of your improved ability to focus on the task at hand.

Improved hand-eye coordination

One of the biggest benefits is the improved hand-eye coordination that will develop. If you are sitting there for hours, working with a small needle and thread, it is only natural that your hand-eye coordination is going to improve. With better hand-eye coordination, a wide assortment of tasks in your life will become easier. That is just one of the great benefits that comes from sewing.


file191280949409Being positive about yourself is vital to being successful in life. If you are positive about what you can do, you will be able to get things done. It all comes down to confidence, and not surprisingly, confidence can come from something as simple as sewing. In an article published in the United Kingdom, it was found by researchers that people sewing and quilting benefited people in ways that they didn’t get in outdoor activities. They were able to develop a stronger cognitive sense, as well as their emotional and social well-being. Since many people enjoy being part of sewing circles, or groups, they can develop a strong relationship and community bond. The University of Glasgow study discovered that the affirmation that came from others helped to boost their own self-esteem and it helped motivate them to improve continuously.

Wards off dementia

brain (1)Another big benefit is that it can protect you from dementia later in life. By doing tasks where you have to remember how to do small steps, it can help keep your brain active and moving, and just like any muscle in your body, your brain needs to be worked and trained. Sewing can help you do that, and keep your mind strong going into your old age.

Sewing Is Actualizing

When you sew, you are self-actualizing because you are doing something true to your yourself. While we have made a lot of progress in the past few decades, men who sew are still looked at in a “weird” way. If you are a man and you enjoy sewing, you are self-actualizing because you are doing a task that you enjoy, and you are doing it only for you. As a result, it is self-affirming, and it once again helps you build confidence in your life, which can help you in so many other avenues.

It builds creativity

In this day and age, it seems as though creativity has suffered. It can be hard to be creative, or to retrain yourself to be creative. Sewing can do that, by letting you try new things, and make new possibilities, even if it is just a cool shirt you have always wanted to design.

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